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A DIY gorgeous wall for our most budget conscious brides to be, mommy to be or even events planners!

Premium silk flower walls, very easy to install yourself!

8ft long x 8ft tall

Rental cost: only $350!


Premium Flower walls

Available colors: white, blush, or red


DIY gorgeous walls for our most budget conscious brides to be, mommy to be or even events planners!

Premium silk flower walls, very easy to install yourself!

8ft long x 8ft tall

Rental cost: only $350!


  • Our DYI (do it yourself) flower backdrops have been designed to be VERY EASY to install!

  • They are to be picked up and drop off at one of our 2 convenient locations: Brickell (Miami-Dade), and Plantation (Broward).

  • Our flower wall comes in boxes, which easily fit into a compact car.

  • All materials necessary for set-up are included in the price.

  • Our Premium standard backdrops take approximately 25 minutes to assemble. We recommend having 2 people on set-up duty due to the size of the backdrop. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

  • Our standard sized wall (8'x8') weighs 20 lbs. without the free-standing frame. Once the backdrop is attached to the free-standing frame, it is very easy to maneuver with two people. All backdrops are designed to be transportable, so you will have no trouble lifting or moving. 

  • Like all backdrop vendors, we highly recommend using the backdrop indoors. That being said, the backdrops can be used outdoors on a calm day with the right reinforcements. Let us know if you plan to use the backdrop outdoors and we will provide recommendations for extra stability.

  • The standard rental period covers 24 hours. If you need the backdrop longer, let us know before and we will extend the rental period and adjust the price.

  • To hang a sign or letters from the backdrop, we recommend using foam core or lightweight wooden letters/signage. We do not handle the creation of signage, but can always provide vendors recommendations, size, and how to hang from the backdrop.

  • Like any rental, we require a signed rental agreement, a copy of your driver License, and a refundable security deposit of $200.

  • What is the difference between Luxury and Premium flower walls? Unlike our Luxury flower walls, the Premium flower walls are not handmade: the Premium walls are mass produced and purchased from China, which disqualifies them from being labeled as luxury! 


While copycat websites and Instagram accounts are popping up using our name and our photos, we cannot be held accountable for the poor services rendered by those individuals. Please make sure you are contacting us via this website, official email address sweeteventsndecor@gmail.com, or official Instagram account: @official_miamiflowerwalls

Claiming high quality walls, these individuals are using low quality artificial flower walls bought  online already made on the Chinese market. If you come in contact with one of them, request a meeting. Request to see the actual wall they are claiming to rent you. This will save you a lot of headache and disappointment on the day of your event!

We are very protective of our name and products as they very much lean towards the premium end and we do not wish confusion amongst existing or potential clients as to what we have created and our rental services.



At The Flower Wall Co. Miami our gorgeous and lush flower walls are created in house, with the highest quality of silk flowers imported from Australia. One of our favorite part is being able to create stunning backdrops that are truly unique for each one of our clients. Creativity, research, careful thinking, savoir-faire, love, care and dedication are needed every time to create the perfect wall for YOUR event. We aim for natural looking designs that mimic how real flowers look when together. Every wall is UNIQUE, just like your event!

With over 20 years of experiences  in fashion, business and marketing, our portfolio is constantly evolving as we see trends, colors, and styles. We value QUALITY  over cost, because we truly believe that luxury does not have to be expensive!

et the professionals create your flower wall! WE GUARANTEE GORGEOUSNESS! 

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